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Scientists Think They’ve Discovered the Cause of Déjà Vu



You frequently get caught off guard and left with an odd sensation when you get the strange experience of having been somewhere or done something previously, which translates from French as “already seen.”

Finally, a reason!

Have I previously lived? Am I a spectre? Time traveller? Are all the largely nonsensical ideas that flash into your head at that very time. But why is this happening?

Scientists have discovered what they believe to be one of the causes of everything, so they feel they are one step closer to understanding it.

People have been experiencing déjà vu for a few hundred years, and several theories have been put forth to explain it, including that it is a symptom of mental illness or something more supernatural.

And in the early years of the twenty-first century, a scientist by the name of Alan Brown investigated all the previous studies that had been done on the topic.

Even though he discovered a tendency to believe it to be supernatural, Brown did come across several research that used average individuals rather than mediums and psychics.

There were even hints that some persons were having a type of epileptic seizure on the brain, and the majority of occurrences appeared to have been initiated by a location or discussion.

Scientist Anne Cleary conducted her own experiment to further explore the subject after being inspired by Brown’s research to do so. In this experiment, she examined a theory known as the Gestalt familiarity hypothesis.

The fundamental tenet of the theory is that déjà vu is caused by having a memory of a location from the past that one can’t immediately recall but that has similarities to the current environment.

As an illustration, when you enter an office building, you instantly feel as though you have been there before even when you haven’t.

It’s possible that you’ve been to a scenario like this before; perhaps the tables and chairs, or even the windows, were set up like they were in your old school or doctor’s office.

According to the Gestalt familiarity theory, if you can’t remember that previous environment right away, you end up feeling like… déjà vu.

Cleary put the idea to the test by manipulating settings and situations in virtual reality to see if there was a connection between memory and déjà vu.

Regarding the experiment, she wrote in The Conversation as follows: “As expected, respondents were more likely to have déjà vu when they were in a scene with the same spatial arrangement of elements as an earlier scenario they had seen but couldn’t remember.

“According to this study, a spatial similarity between a fresh scene and one in memory that isn’t being consciously summoned to mind at the time can cause déjà vu.

“However, it does not imply that spatial similarity is the only reason for déjà vu. Very likely, numerous aspects might contribute to what makes a scene or a scenario feel familiar.”

Have you read this article already? Well, that’s probably Déjà Vu.


Chris Hemsworth to Take a Break from Acting



After realizing he has a higher than average risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, actor Chris Hemsworth said he is taking a vacation from performing. After taking testing for his Disney+ documentary series Limitless, the Thor actor discovered the revelation.

A Huge Deal

Hemsworth discovered that he carries two copies of the gene ApoE4, one from each parent, increasing his risk of contracting the illness by eight to ten times compared to people who don’t carry both copies of the gene.

Being Careful

Hemsworth tests his body and looks into ways to live longer and healthier in the Limitless series. He clarified that although he had not received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, he had been informed of the increased risk.

The creator of the series, Darren Aronofsky, told Hemsworth privately when they received the results, contrary to the original plan for the series, which called for him to get all of his genetic test results live on camera.

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22 Years Later, “Little Hercules,” the World’s Strongest Boy, Leads a Radically Different Life




22 years after his bodybuilding triumphs, the former “World’s Strongest Boy,” also known as the “Little Hercules,” leads a totally different existence.

Life goes by so fast

Due to his entire weight loss, Richard Sandrak no longer resembles the Richard Sandrak of his youth.

Richard had an excellent physique, eight-pack abs, and impressively defined arms and legs when he was eight years old, 22 years ago.

He was a master in karate in his youth and had the strength to lift three times his body weight.

Richard was named the “World’s Strongest Boy” when he was just 11 years old, but it wasn’t all that it was meant to be.

The adolescent weight lifter was said to have a dangerously low body fat percentage of just 1% as a result of his training.

According to Men’s Journal, having such low body fat can lead to major health problems like being more susceptible to serious cardiac problems, being ill frequently, and having muscles that are so weak that you struggle to move around.

Andreas Munzer, an Austrian bodybuilder who passed away more than 25 years ago, continues to serve as a lesson for all bodybuilders trying to lose body fat.

He perished away at the young age of 31, and an autopsy revealed that he had no body fat at the time of his death.

Following the release of a video about the young Richard, his parents faced a great deal of backlash. Many people claimed that subjecting him to such painful training was cruel and unethical of his parents.

A youngster Richard’s age wouldn’t be able to produce enough testosterone to get in the form he was in, according to several medical experts at the time.

Despite Richard’s mother’s repeated denials, they alleged that he was using steroids, which are strongly discouraged for kids.

Richard, who is now an adult, acknowledged that he no longer has any interest in bodybuilding.

I don’t do weights anymore, Richard stated in a 2015 interview with Inside Edition.

There are several children with a similar physique, yet people tried to make me out to be some sort of freak of nature.

I have a lot of pride in my past.

“I don’t want others to know it, but I’m not going to be forced to live there,” she said.

Since his days as the “World’s Strongest Boy,” Richard’s career has taken some turns; as of 2015, he was a stuntman for the Universal Studios Hollywood Waterworld show.

The former bodybuilder did acknowledge that he still performs cardio activities on occasion to maintain his fitness.

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Rebel Wilson Announces Birth of Surrogate Daughter



Rebel Wilson revealed that she is now a mother in a touching Instagram post on Monday. She praised her surrogate for bearing the baby in her message and shared the first picture of her adorable daughter.

The Lovely Couple

Wilson and designer Ramona Agruma are now known to be a pair after Wilson referred to Agruma in a post as her “Disney Princess” earlier this summer.

A Master Plan

Wilson told PEOPLE in May that she wanted to get “healthier” because she wanted to have children. According to her interview with the magazine, she first saw a fertility specialist in 2019 who advised her to lose weight if she wanted to collect and store her eggs.

Wilson concluded her birth announcement in a way that only a newlywed in love could: by expressing both how much love there is and how difficult it is.

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