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People Have Already Started Installing PT on the PS5 After It Appeared to Have Been Jailbroken



P.T. appears to have been installed on Sony’s PlayStation 5; hence, it makes sense that people would do so.

Everything is Jailbroken if you think of it.

An attempted IPV6 kernel hack for the PS5 was unveiled by PlayStation modder SpecterDev earlier today. Only PS5s running firmware 4.03 or lower may use this jailbreak because it uses a WebKit vulnerability as an entry point, and even then, it only succeeds about 30% of the time.

Jailbreaking, which is frequently done to unlock debug menus and enable the usage of unlicensed software, can be defined as the process of reverse-engineering locked hardware. Lance MacDonald, a fellow modder, demonstrated the use of this new jailbreak by installing the acclaimed lost game P.T on his P55.

As seen in the video up top, the jailbreak allows users to install a PS4 PKG file, which is effectively a backup of a game, as well as access the debug menu. It appears that McDonald installed the no longer available Silent Hill demo, P.T. It has grown in popularity ever since it was taken off the PlayStation Store in May 2015.

Although Sony will probably keep an eye on this PS5 jailbreak, its constraints prevent it from becoming widely used in its current state. This is primarily due to the fact that the new vulnerability only allows for read/write access; there is no mechanism to actually launch anything you install. In McDonald’s case, this means that while P.T. can be installed, it cannot be used.

This new PS5 jailbreak is constrained in other ways as well. Only PS5s running firmware 4.03, which was published in October 2021, are currently compatible with it.

The exploit’s developer SpectorDev believes it might need to be modified for use with other earlier firmware versions. The installation of homebrew-related code is also prohibited.

But for other modders and hackers, this will be seen as a first step, and they’ll probably try to build on the entrance point.

Although jailbreaking a console isn’t necessarily illegal in and of itself, doing so can result in the suspension of your PlayStation Network account, void any applicable warranties, and may render your system completely unusable.


Black Adam to Lose a Lot After Its Release



Although Dwayne Johnson’s blockbuster Black Adam may have challenged the DCEU’s system of power, it failed to perform well at the box office. According to Variety, the most recent DC blockbuster has only made $387 million globally since it opened in theaters on October 21.

News by the Numbers

Black Adam could lose between $50 and $100 million at the box office due to a $195 million production cost, an estimated $80 to $100 million marketing expense, and the fact that movie theaters keep about half the ticket sale revenues.

Still Making It

Variety said that Black Adam will eventually break even at $600 million, while Warner Bros. sources claim that the real figure is $425 million. Black Adam had a strong opening weekend, grossing $140 million worldwide. Even though the movie’s second weekend experienced a significant 59% fall, it managed to maintain its box office dominance.

Not only Black Adam has recently had trouble earning money at the box office. Strange World, a significant animated film from Disney, had a poor $12 million opening weekend and then experienced a 60% decrease to $4.9 million. Not the best times for these movies, but hopefully they would do better later on.

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To Play “Elden Ring” with Him for 40 Hours, a Gamer Pays a Cam Girl $20,000




The video game Elden Ring is fantastic and offers a unique single-player experience, but it’s also a riot when played with others.

More fun with Friends

The new open-world adventure from FromSoftware is fairly similar to its predecessors in that you can call in friends (or complete strangers) to explore and aid you against some of the more difficult bosses.

If you’re feeling extremely vicious, you can even invade the worlds of other gamers and bring them untold suffering.

However, not everyone has companions who are prepared to invest the time necessary to truly master a game like Elden Ring. What should a daring explorer do in such a circumstance? Apparently, you can pay a cam girl $20,000 for a 40-hour encounter.

Using the website CamSoda, 31-year-old Chris from New Jersey claims to have paid adult model Charley Hart $20,160 (or roughly £15,200) to play Elden Ring with him for one extended session.

According to Chris, “I typically play campaigns by myself in my boxer briefs and overdose on carbs while consuming energy drinks.” We became fairly close and connected on a deeper level, so it was lovely to have Charley traveling with me through The Lands Between.

I truly loved her company, and I hope to stream with her again when the next big game is released, he continued.

Chris claims that Charley and he completed the game in 40 hours. Even though it’s not impossible, it’s still quite an accomplishment. Chris was reportedly turned off by it and never wanted to do anything similar again.

It was intense, he acknowledged. “I was hellbent on finishing the game, but if I ever play a full campaign, I’m going to split it up next time.”

According to Charley, some cam ladies reported an increase in requests to game during the pandemic, with some customers perhaps simply preferring the firm under lockdown.

“I’ve joined clients for longer periods of time while they game, prepare dinner, eat dinner, etc. It’s like long-form camming,” she added. “I’m not simply a cam girl who acts for, say, 7 minutes.”

“I didn’t fully realize how long 40 consecutive hours is. It takes a lot of stamina, in more ways than one. But Chris and I really hit it off at the beginning, and it was fun,” the participant said.

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This Latest Netflix Movie Manages to Grab a Perfect Score on Rotten Tomatoes



Rotten Tomatoes gave Netflix’s most recent creature movie a perfect score, praising it for its moralistic narrative, entertaining special effects, and inventive takes on Swedish mythology.

An Interesting Plot

The protagonist of the tale is the paleontologist Nora Tidemman, who grew up hearing tales from Swedish mythology from her father. Nora joins forces with an academic, a soldier, and a government advisor to investigate a string of fatalities on a hillside and learn what is going on in Dovre. The mountain then begins to move, and the troll that lives there wreaks havoc on the people who are endangering its home.

Great Results

Troll has received numerous comparisons to Godzilla in reviews, and it formerly had a perfect critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. The score has since dropped to 85%, but that’s still a pretty remarkable performance for a movie in 2022, knowing that there are a lot of good movies out there.

Make sure you check out the trailer of it right here!

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