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Black Hole “Burps” Up Star Years After “Consuming” It, Leaving Scientists Perplexed



After a supermassive black hole effectively “burped up” a star that it had “eaten” three years prior, astronomers are left perplexed.

The black hole must be full

When a tiny star in a galaxy 665 million light years from Earth accidentally approached a black hole in 2018, scientists saw it shatter into a million pieces. At the time, this was not unusual.

However, astronomers were “totally taken by surprise” almost three years prior in June 2021 when the same black hole lighted up the sky by shooting forth stellar stuff.

Experts found this to be particularly odd considering that the black hole hadn’t consumed anything fresh since its feast in 2018.

The lead author of a recent study that examined the phenomena, Yvette Cendes, said, “This caught us completely by surprise – no one has ever seen anything like this before.”

Researchers still don’t know why there was a delay of nearly three years, but the results of Dr. Cendes’ study, which were published this week in the Astrophysical Journal, revealed that the black hole was now regurgitating star debris at half the speed of light.

Dr. Cendes remarked, “It’s as if this black hole has suddenly started burping forth a chunk of material from the star it ate years ago.

According to NASA, a black hole is a region in space where gravity is so strong that even light cannot escape. They typically develop from the remains of massive dead stars or supernova explosions.

The co-author of this work and Harvard University professor of astronomy Edo Berger said that his group has been investigating tidal disruption events (TDEs) for decades and that debris is frequently ejected from them when a star is being sucked into a black hole.

The black hole in this current study, AT2018hyz, however, was radio silent for the first three years until suddenly becoming one of the most radio bright TDEs ever detected.”

He continued by stating that they had never witnessed “such a significant wait between the feeding and the outflow.”

Additionally, the star material that is being “burped” out is moving at a rather extraordinary speed of 50% of the speed of light.

Usually, the stuff that TDEs spew out moves at a rate of 10% of the speed of light.

The team now intends to examine “if this really does occur more frequently and we have just not been paying attention to TDEs at the right point in their development.


Trailer for PlayStation 5 Slim has Stunned Viewers



Due to its unique design and detachable disc drive, a tiny PlayStation 5 prototype is making the rounds. According to a rumor from September, Sony plans to replace the current PS5 model on the market by releasing a third PS5 model in a year.

A Bit of a Difference

Before anyone begins gets head over heels for this, this new edition and the original only differ in that the latter has a detachable disc drive that connects to the console through an additional USB-C connector on the rear of the device.

More Features

Possibly,’s interpretation of what that might appear to be is much more fashionable. The idea reduces the size of the original design and divides the shell along a diagonal line where the removable disc drive would go. It also smooths down the PS5’s wavy edges and resembles a Tic-Tac in some ways.

The color-coded packaging for the small digital and disc drive versions would be ideal for errant parents in Christmas lines as long as far as the eye can see. And has the foresight to take that aforementioned intersection off the console, enabling the removable disc drive to be linked to a slim digital model.

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Immediately After the Release of the New Witcher Trailer, Henry Cavill’s Return was Demanded




In case you missed it among the recent Witcher turmoil, a new Witcher TV series debuts the following month.

Give Liam a Chance

The Witcher: Blood Origin is a prequel that takes place more than 1000 years before the main Netflix series and tells the story of “seven outcasts in the elven realm unite in a blood quest against an unbeatable power,” according to the streaming giant.

This year’s Christmas Day release of all four episodes of the four-part series will provide many fans with something to binge-watch after their roast. Yesterday a new trailer was released, and it appears that everyone’s reaction has been the same.

And that response…has absolutely nothing to do with this particular miniseries. These episodes don’t actually include Geralt because they are prequels set so far in the past, but viewers are complaining in the comments section that Liam Hemsworth will take Henry Cavill’s place in season four of the main program.

Nothing is the same without Cavill, according to a YouTube user named La Pulga. I like cats stated, “Without Henry, I won’t devote any more time to the franchise.” Give us Henry back now! HENRY AS GERALT IS WHAT WE WANT!! “, Mr. Minister 110 wrote.

This remark is incredibly common online since, according to a study conducted last week, a staggering 81.9% of fans will stop watching The Witcher after Cavill departs. Additionally, a fan-created petition to keep Cavill and dismiss the show’s writers continues to gather support; it has already hit 200,000 signatures, which is incredible.

Hemsworth was reportedly one of the early favorites to play Geralt, thus he was essentially playing the lead part the entire time. Nevertheless, it would be quite challenging to conceive the show without Cavill.

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Latest Indiana Jones Movie Drops Its First Trailer



Finally, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’s debut trailer has been made public. Harrison Ford dons his iconic whip and archeological gear for the final time in the fifth installment of the acclaimed film series.

A Shocking Surprise

However, they went a step further and unveiled the entirety of the Indiana Jones 5 trailer. And, to be honest, it appears completely bizarre. In the fifth installment, Indy will battle some Nazis, and it appears that he will travel back to the 1960s to do so. It seems amazing how drastically Disney was able to de-age the 80-year-old actor to resemble him a few decades ago.

More Details

He also rides a horse through a big US parade, and Mads Mikkelsen portrays a rather wicked character. The movie’s female lead is played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Harrison Ford had nothing but admiration for the Fleabag performer. The first video from the movie was shown at the D23 expo earlier this year, and the principal actor in the movie undoubtedly experienced some emotion at that time.

Make sure you check out the trailer here!

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