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An Individual is Unable to Access $1.8 Million in Bitcoin Because He Cannot Recall The Answer to a Security Question from 2005



We’ve heard a lot of nightmare-like scenarios throughout the years ever since the price of cryptocurrency soared to absurd heights.

What a Waste

But as one unfortunate TikToker, @conspiracycubed, recently stated, he can’t access his account because he can’t recall who his closest friend from 2005 was.

Guess who has 1.8 million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin sitting in a dead wallet? Me, he says.

Who can’t access this wallet because the data is saved on their Hotmail account, I’ll let you guess. Me.”

“Why can’t I access this Hotmail account? Are you saying that you forgot the password? No, I know the f**king password. It’s my account,” he said.

Why then am I unable to do so? It seems that someone has attempted to log into my account.

“Now, despite the fact that the account’s profile image is of me, it is requesting me to send a text to prove that I am who I say I am.

As a result, I inform them that I no longer have their phone number because I did in 2010.

The TikToker continued by describing how he “purchased the Bitcoin on a whim and just forgot about it.”

“I cannot access my account; are there any attorneys who can assist me?

I want to submit a subject access request. Force them f**kers to give me my data; it belongs to me.

“I’ve got emails from my girlfriend, who I’m still with 12 years later. And that’s not proof. My f**king face is on the profile photo.

“I can provide government ID, but I can’t remember who the f**k my best friend from 2005 was, so it doesn’t qualify as proof in their eyes.

“And this phone number is no longer accessible to me. Actually, I’m seeking to purchase my old phone number so I can access my personal Hotmail account.

“If there’s any legal assistance available, please get in touch with me. I swear to god, I’ll cut you in.”

At the time of writing, one Bitcoin is now worth £17,151.

Bitcoin is already massive as it is, so this is a sad waste.


Tons of Fans Express Interest in a Def Jam Revival



A popular EA series that blended fighting and hip hop has been inactive for some time. Def Jam: Icon, the company’s last real fighting game, was released in 2007, but fans have been wishing for a revival ever since.

What They Can Do

In order to show EA how much support there is for a new installment on contemporary systems, these same devoted fans have now made the decision to take matters into their own hands and start a petition. It’s been going very well so far.

Growing Strength

Over 8500 people have signed the petition to see a new Def Jam game on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which was started by YouTube creator RAH GAMING. Many have also left comments expressing how much they would value the series’ return.

Ice-T also joined the Def Jam comeback earlier this year when he requested a Fight for New York revival on Twitter, predicting that it “would be a huge hit all over again.” He played a role in the game too, so knowing that he’d likely be open to developing a new installment if the chance presented itself is pretty reassuring.

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Yet Another Mobile Game is in the Works for Bethesda



Bethesda, the company behind Starfield and many iconic games, is now developing a new mobile game, however it’s not clear which of its well-known titles it will be based on.

A Huge Announcement

Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda and director of Starfield, disclosed that the company is creating another mobile game on the most recent episode of Lex Fridman’s podcast.

Something New

Howard was frank while discussing the conceptual differences between creating a game for a console and one for a mobile device: “Well we’ve done a few things, and we have a new mobile game that we’re working on that we haven’t announced yet that I am in love with.”

He made no other hints as to the game’s genre, release date, or other details, but he did suggest that it will be a longer experience rather than a game meant to be played in spurts.

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Wednesday Takes Over Record That Stranger Things 4 Used to Hold



Wednesday on Netflix debuted with a bang. With 341.2 million hours seen after its Nov. 23 premiere, the fantasy series starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams is at the top of the Netflix Top 10 TV ranking for the week of Nov. 21 to 27.

Getting to the Top

In terms of the number of hours seen in a week for an English-language TV series on Netflix, “Wednesday” has broken the previous record. Season 4 of “Stranger Things” held the record with 335.01 million hours watched.

News by the Numbers

Data from Netflix indicates that more than 50 million households have watched the show since it debuted, making it the English-language TV series on Netflix with the most hours seen in a week.

The program has also surpassed Stranger Things’ previous record by being #1 in 83 nations. Other recent programs, like the Jeffrey Dahmer true crime series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story back in late September, have gone close to breaking Stranger Things’ record.

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