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Stephen King Advises Viewers to Watch a Recent Netflix Thriller



No one does sinister quite like Stephen King, and sinister just so happens to be the term of choice for those criticizing Babak Anvari’s latest movie I Came By. The trailer is below:

Wow. King’s Recommendation.

So it’s pretty cool that the most well-known horror fan in the world has recommended the Netflix sensation and encouraged others to watch it.

Hugh Bonneville and George MacKay co-star in the movie, which is presently the most-watched title on Netflix UK. MacKay plays a young graffiti artist who targets Bonneville’s home but discovers some very dark secrets about him.

On Thursday, King tweeted: “Want a tight little thriller that will make you think of Patricia Highsmith and Ruth Rendell? Test I WENT BY (Netflix). It is effective.

It is evident that a suggestion from King is practical because many of his fans shared that they would watch the movie in response.

Sweet, I’ll check it out was one person’s response, and “Thank you, I need to check this out,” said another.

Some other responses were: “Adding to my list!

” and “I never would have imagined that Stephen King would recommend a movie to me, yet here we are. Regards, Twitter ”

Also responding, Anvari himself stated, “This means the world to me! One of the first books I read that introduced me to storytelling was your book On Writing. I greatly appreciate it. I’m overjoyed that you liked it! ”

The official plot summary for I Came By is as follows: “Antiestablishment graffiti artists and best friends Toby and Jay pick seemingly saintly retired judge Sir Hector Blake as their latest vandalism victim — until Jay finds out his girlfriend is pregnant and quits their risky side project.

“Angered by his friend bailing on him, Toby decides to go it alone and breaks into Blake’s lavish London home. But before he can tag the duo’s infamous slogan ‘I Came By’ on the wall, Toby comes across something troubling he’s determined to get to the bottom of.”

When discussing the movie with me last month, MacKay said: “It’s not just a criticism of the affluent guy. There is a class component that examines where privilege and power lie as well as how we conceal information. The world is full with compromise and many amazing extremes.

Toby’s persona, according to MacKay, “makes you wonder what happens when we fail society,” he continued. It’s comparable to wanting change yet failing to vote.

We think you should watch it too.


New American Pie Movie in Progress



According to the writer Sujata Day, the upcoming American Pie movie will present “a fresh take” on the long-running filthy comic series. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Day’s initial idea served as the inspiration for this next entry in the American Pie series.

Something Appropriate

According to star Jason Biggs, the famed webcam sequence from the original American Pie “wouldn’t be made now and it couldn’t get made now. It would be unacceptable what that represents.” A modern remake of the film would almost surely have taken a different stance on what a sex comedy can be in the movie world.

A Huge Possibility

The upcoming American Pie movie does not currently have a director, but Day made her directorial debut in 2020 with Definition Please, a comedy-drama about a former spelling bee champion that won prizes at the San Francisco CAAM Fest and the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, among other events. Her first significant directing role may be on a new American Pie.

The main series most recently came to an end in 2012 with American Reunion. And with the gap of years that comes with the upcoming movie, the plot should keep up with the times, and hopefully deliver a great movie for the ages!

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A Long Awaited Movie Finally Comes the Way of “Community”



Community has six seasons under its belt and, as the prophecy predicted, will soon have its long-awaited motion picture. A movie based on Dan Harmon’s enduring comedy has finally been commissioned by Peacock.

A Few More Details

The fact that practically the whole original cast will return is perhaps even more thrilling. Peacock has non-competitive rights to broadcast Community Season Six in addition to the movie.

A Bit of a Hint

Joel McHale, who plays Joel on the television show Community, recently hinted in a Tweet that the movie, which has been touted ever since the program ended in 2015, would be coming soon. The phrase “Six seasons and a movie,” which frequently appears on the show and, consequently, among its ardent following, is referenced in the Tweet.

Be sure you check out that thread right here!

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Cardi B Opens Up About Failed Collaboration with Call of Duty



It may sound a little strange, but Cardi B should be creating some buzz for Call of Duty. Back in July, the rapper partnered with Activision. She goes on to tell us more about how the partnership eventually fell apart after that.

The Reason

You might recall that Cardi B debuted her partnership with Activision by donning a Simon “Ghost” Riley necklace in the music video for “Hot S**t.” Since then, you probably haven’t seen Cardi B advertising Call of Duty because she allegedly lost her cooperation deal as a result of prior “stupid decisions.”

A Hot Topic

Cardi B admitted guilt to assault-related charges earlier this month, according to Comic Book. They related to an altercation that occurred in a New York strip club in 2018. Cardi B took a plea agreement that included 15 days of community service, paying court costs for the other women involved, and avoiding prison time.

Make sure you check out what she said in this Twitter post!

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