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Rockstar Issues a Statement in Response to a Significant GTA 6 Leak



After Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay appeared to have been leaked, Rockstar Games commented. The game is still in development.

What did they say?

The game creator expressed his or her “great disappointment” that information about one of their planned games was disclosed in this manner.

After almost a decade of waiting since the last Grand Theft Auto game’s release, Rockstar finally revealed GTA 6 earlier this year.

Rockstar cited the fifth GTA game’s “extraordinary lifespan” as the reason for the delay in releasing a new instalment in the series, and to be honest, it makes sense.

GTA Online provided the game with a far longer life than previous games in the series, but as the years passed, the demands for a new instalment got louder and louder.

Fans finally found what they were looking for over the weekend when a number of videos purporting to be leaked footage of GTA 6 were made public—and they weren’t made by Rockstar.

Rockstar later verified that the large leak’s gameplay footage from what appeared to be a Grand Theft Auto game was accurate.

In a statement, Rockstar said they had experienced a breach following a “network intrusion,” adding that someone had “illegally accessed and downloaded secret information” including video from the future Grand Theft Auto’s production.

They said: “We are extremely disappointed to have any details of our next game shared with you all in this way.

“Our work on the next Grand Theft Auto game will continue as planned and we remain as committed as ever to delivering an experience to you, our players, that truly exceeds your expectations.

“We will update everyone again soon and, of course, will properly introduce you to this next game when it is ready. We want to thank everyone for their ongoing support in this situation.”

Though we might have to wait a while to play GTA 6, fans of the franchise have already seen the gameplay of a character named Luciana on the “Vice City” Metro.

Someone posing as the hacker published a list of demands online, making it seem as though they were trying to negotiate a deal and may soon leak more material, including a “GTA 6 testing build.”

The hacker said they gained access through a Rockstar employee’s Slack account and promised to hold off on revealing more information if they received payment. It is unclear whether that would truly occur considering that Rockstar claims what occurred was illegal and unlicensed.

Are you excited too? ‘Cause we are.


New American Pie Movie in Progress



According to the writer Sujata Day, the upcoming American Pie movie will present “a fresh take” on the long-running filthy comic series. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Day’s initial idea served as the inspiration for this next entry in the American Pie series.

Something Appropriate

According to star Jason Biggs, the famed webcam sequence from the original American Pie “wouldn’t be made now and it couldn’t get made now. It would be unacceptable what that represents.” A modern remake of the film would almost surely have taken a different stance on what a sex comedy can be in the movie world.

A Huge Possibility

The upcoming American Pie movie does not currently have a director, but Day made her directorial debut in 2020 with Definition Please, a comedy-drama about a former spelling bee champion that won prizes at the San Francisco CAAM Fest and the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, among other events. Her first significant directing role may be on a new American Pie.

The main series most recently came to an end in 2012 with American Reunion. And with the gap of years that comes with the upcoming movie, the plot should keep up with the times, and hopefully deliver a great movie for the ages!

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A Long Awaited Movie Finally Comes the Way of “Community”



Community has six seasons under its belt and, as the prophecy predicted, will soon have its long-awaited motion picture. A movie based on Dan Harmon’s enduring comedy has finally been commissioned by Peacock.

A Few More Details

The fact that practically the whole original cast will return is perhaps even more thrilling. Peacock has non-competitive rights to broadcast Community Season Six in addition to the movie.

A Bit of a Hint

Joel McHale, who plays Joel on the television show Community, recently hinted in a Tweet that the movie, which has been touted ever since the program ended in 2015, would be coming soon. The phrase “Six seasons and a movie,” which frequently appears on the show and, consequently, among its ardent following, is referenced in the Tweet.

Be sure you check out that thread right here!

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Cardi B Opens Up About Failed Collaboration with Call of Duty



It may sound a little strange, but Cardi B should be creating some buzz for Call of Duty. Back in July, the rapper partnered with Activision. She goes on to tell us more about how the partnership eventually fell apart after that.

The Reason

You might recall that Cardi B debuted her partnership with Activision by donning a Simon “Ghost” Riley necklace in the music video for “Hot S**t.” Since then, you probably haven’t seen Cardi B advertising Call of Duty because she allegedly lost her cooperation deal as a result of prior “stupid decisions.”

A Hot Topic

Cardi B admitted guilt to assault-related charges earlier this month, according to Comic Book. They related to an altercation that occurred in a New York strip club in 2018. Cardi B took a plea agreement that included 15 days of community service, paying court costs for the other women involved, and avoiding prison time.

Make sure you check out what she said in this Twitter post!

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