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Not to Dress as Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween, People are Advised



Following its debut on Netflix last week, the movie Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, starring Evan Peters as infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, has climbed to the top spot.

Here is the trailer for the eerie series:

Be careful who you dress as.

However, as Halloween nears, individuals are being urged not to dress up as the serial murderer, who was charged with killing and mutilating 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Some fans expressed their worries about the timing of the show’s popularity and the possibility that the serial killer might be imitated in the name of a popular holiday on Twitter.

“The ongoing lack of sorrow for Dahmer’s victims on social media makes me feel many people are going to dress as Jeffery Dahmer and his victims for Halloween and that is just horrible,” wrote Nicole Murray on social media in response to the idea.

Another Twitter user, @Maumancillaa, commented, “And remember, dressing up as Ted Bundy or any real killer is not the same as dressing up as a fictional slasher.” I don’t want to see a f***ing Jeffrey Dahmer on Halloween, especially in light of the just released series.

A third person, Dee Holt, advised “White people, do NOT dress up like Jefferey Dahmer for Halloween this year.”

Fourth: Since it is now officially October, I believe it is important to remind folks that serial killers are not appropriate Halloween costumes.

Furthermore, a fifth person, @g0thwant tobe, commented: “No one wants to see your tiny blonde partner dressed as Jeffery Dahmer. Affected were and are actual individuals. The trauma suffered by victims is not your Halloween costume.

Even though it may seem unlikely that trick-or-treaters would choose to dress as convicted murderers just because of a TV show, this is not the first year that a hit Netflix series has had an impact on people’s Halloween costumes.

Squid Game, one of the most popular shows on the platform at the time, swept the world by storm last year. Even after that, through the end of November 2021, the series managed to stay in the top 10.

And as a result, a flurry of costume businesses jumped on board, making the show’s recognizable green tracksuits the must-have Halloween outfit.

Chinese costume makers in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, informed the Global Times that after the show’s success, daily sales of various costumes from the series reached as much as 3,000 units per day.

Another employee in the Guangdong Province city of Futian claimed that their plant had to “work overtime” to keep up with the overwhelming demand.


Tons of Fans Express Interest in a Def Jam Revival



A popular EA series that blended fighting and hip hop has been inactive for some time. Def Jam: Icon, the company’s last real fighting game, was released in 2007, but fans have been wishing for a revival ever since.

What They Can Do

In order to show EA how much support there is for a new installment on contemporary systems, these same devoted fans have now made the decision to take matters into their own hands and start a petition. It’s been going very well so far.

Growing Strength

Over 8500 people have signed the petition to see a new Def Jam game on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which was started by YouTube creator RAH GAMING. Many have also left comments expressing how much they would value the series’ return.

Ice-T also joined the Def Jam comeback earlier this year when he requested a Fight for New York revival on Twitter, predicting that it “would be a huge hit all over again.” He played a role in the game too, so knowing that he’d likely be open to developing a new installment if the chance presented itself is pretty reassuring.

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Even with Over 10 Million Followers on TikTok, KSI has Only Made Around $3600



One of the most well-known video producers, KSI began on YouTube but has since expanded to other platforms like TikTok to satisfy audience demand. Though he might have had a string of bad luck with it.

Shocking News

KSI, real name Olajide Olatunji, should therefore be making a sizable sum of money from TikTok given all of his followers. KSI, real name Olajide Olatunji, should therefore be making a sizable sum of money from TikTok given all of his followers, but that was not the case.

That’s About It

Speaking at the time when he had 9.2 million followers on the well-known social media site, KSI requested guesses from Miniminter and TBJZL, two other members of The Sideman. But KSI said that he has earned £3,000 up to that moment thanks to his over 70 million TikTok likes.

Miniminter noted that KSI has published between 40 and 50 TikToks, citing the fact that social media entrepreneurs who want to rely on the site for a living publish four to five films daily. In order to make the “real money,” KSI continues, producers will “slowly move to YouTube.”

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Break a Nintendo record by Selling More Than 10 Million Units in Just Three Days




In their first three days of availability, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet not only sold an incredible 10 million units combined, but they also set a record for the “largest global sales level for any program on any Nintendo platform” during that time. 

Generation 9 started out strong.

See the Full Trailer Here:

A Massive Nintendo Record-Breaker

Nintendo’s sales estimates for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which were made available worldwide on November 18, 2022, take into account both bundled and digital editions.

After Pokémon Sword and Shield, the most recent installments in the legendary Pokémon franchise are the second from the main series. For reference, Sword and Shield set a record for the best-selling Switch game at the time by selling more than six million copies in its first week.

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus are just a few of the Pokemon games that have been released for the Nintendo Switch since 2017.

These sales figures were attained in spite of some obvious technical problems with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Having said that, the gameplay including these issues seems to be unique.

This is for all the Pokefans out there

Although the game was released quite earlier than expected, there are minor graphical bugs, frame drops, and even several times where the game crashed on other players. Also, the game seems to encounter more glitches if it’s played in coop mode (Union Circle) with other players.

But nevertheless, the game offers a rich storyline, a massive new variety of new characters, the largest pokedex in one game (excluding the national dex postgame), and tremendously beautiful scenery for all players to enjoy!

It also has new features including picnics, sandwich making, and meal powers. What are you waiting for? Paldea awaits you, trainer!

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