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Man Invents Snake Legs



A YouTuber who enjoys snakes has created a robotic exoskeleton suit that effectively gives snakes legs.

Allen Pan/Youtube

Snake With Legs?!

Allen Pan recently published a video in which he discussed how he was determined to see snakes walk on legs and expressed his sympathy for them because “they lost their legs” due to evolution.

The vlogger did however point out that very young snake embryos do in fact have legs, but that DNA defects that render them disabled prevent them from properly growing before birth.

Pan decided to create a brand-new, cutting-edge robotic suit to aid snakes in finding their missing legs in an effort to slightly halt evolution.

Pan phoned the Los Angeles Zoo to see if they might assist in getting the snake’s legs back. This strategy was swiftly abandoned when the individual learned that only a Zoom conversation with a zoo employee would cost him close to $2000.

Credits to Allen Pan

Is it Really Possible?

Even though it wasn’t the YouTuber’s birthday, Pan went to the trouble of calling a pet shop that hosted reptile parties! Anything for some complimentary birthday cake, I guess.

After several failed efforts, Pan finally succeeded in creating his bizarre exoskeleton outfit. He then got in touch with a local snake breeder in his area who goes by the Instagram handle @granddaddyherps1904. Less discussion about that is preferable.

But after meeting the snake breeder, Pan realized that he was simply a regular person who happened to have over 40 snakes in a single area of his warehouse.

Credits to Allen Pan/YouTube

Pan made the decision to get to know the snakes a little better before putting the robot suit on one of the pythons so that they would have his trust and there would be less chance of an accident once the suit was on.

Pan immediately discovered that an angry snake would typically coil up into an ‘S’ shape, making it nearly hard to put them into the suit after trying out a few of the snakes in the suit.

The snake enthusiast might make a sensible decision since a comfortable snake would “relax like a noodle.”

It was swiftly determined that the duo would choose the first applicant, a very calm female python who easily transitioned into the outfit.

The lizard moved quickly with her new artificial legs after she was seated properly in the suit, and the results were astounding.


Cardi B Opens Up About Failed Collaboration with Call of Duty



It may sound a little strange, but Cardi B should be creating some buzz for Call of Duty. Back in July, the rapper partnered with Activision. She goes on to tell us more about how the partnership eventually fell apart after that.

The Reason

You might recall that Cardi B debuted her partnership with Activision by donning a Simon “Ghost” Riley necklace in the music video for “Hot S**t.” Since then, you probably haven’t seen Cardi B advertising Call of Duty because she allegedly lost her cooperation deal as a result of prior “stupid decisions.”

A Hot Topic

Cardi B admitted guilt to assault-related charges earlier this month, according to Comic Book. They related to an altercation that occurred in a New York strip club in 2018. Cardi B took a plea agreement that included 15 days of community service, paying court costs for the other women involved, and avoiding prison time.

Make sure you check out what she said in this Twitter post!

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Rumors of Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa Dating Recently Surface



After being photographed holding one other’s hands and sharing kisses and hugs on a romantic date night in New York City on Wednesday, Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah ignited a ton of dating speculations.

Where It Happened

The 38-year-old anchor of The Daily Show and the 27-year-old pop diva were spotted having a quiet and personal supper together at Miss Lily’s in the East Village.

A Big Maybe

The new relationship develops as Trevor prepares to leave The Daily Show after seven years in charge, a period in which the late-night informational program’s audience drastically decreased.

When performing, Dua is renowned for wearing provocative and vibrant outfits, but when she was out with Trevor, she drastically changed her appearance to be more casual-chic. 

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Alan Rickman’s Diary Reveals Criticism of Emma Watson



If the remarks Alan Rickman made about Emma Watson’s performance in his soon-to-be-published personal diaries are any indication, he was capable of the kind of harsh insults that Harry Potter character Severus Snape would be proud of.

Backstage Talk

The late actor admitted that he had pondered leaving the Potter series with his agency because he had been so uncomfortable filming on some of the movies. He struggled with everything on the Hogwarts set, from his working hours to his coworkers, and had significant issues.

The Direction

The recently discovered journals claim that Alan struggled particularly with Emma Watson, who naturally played Hermione Granger in the movies. “These kids need directing. They don’t know their lines and Emma [Watson]’s diction is this side of Albania at times.” Alan wrote about the kids he performed scenes with.

As Harry, Hermione, and Ron find themselves sparring with their teacher more than ever, Alan had to spend more time in this film with his younger co-stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson.

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