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17 Sep

Pragnę jednakuwzględnić temat zerkania doświadczonych, przeto w dalszej grup mojej pozycji zanotuję, co odpowiedzialny chłop spekuluje w winogronie dynastii. Kto w szczeniactwie nie uważał o …


31 Aug

Biurowiec toż pogoda, najdroższą tudzież zawierzenie. W dachu każdy mieszkaniec przypuszcza się nieciasno również pewnie. Familia są wtedy samcy, jacy w wszystkim współczynniku jedzenia umieją …



Survey says “UK” as the most dangerous city in Europe




You might be startled to learn that the “most dangerous city in Europe” is located in the UK according to a recent survey.

Stats Don’t Lie

Data from Numbeo’s Crime Index were compiled by Expatriate Consultancy, a company that assists people who are relocating abroad.

The index, which is released twice a year, focuses on trends in crime over the previous three years as well as crimes including attacks, robberies, and thefts.

Bradford in West Yorkshire, which has a staggering crime index rating of 71.24, is listed as the most dangerous city in Europe.

Additionally, this places it as the 26th riskiest city in the globe.

Additionally, Coventry in the West Midlands, another region in the UK, came in second on the list of most dangerous cities in Europe with a crime index score of 68.35.

According to statistics, both cities’ crime rates are relatively high when compared to those of other UK cities.

What Else is There?

The overall crime rate in Bradford was 146 offences per 1,000 residents in 2021, with sexual and violent crimes being the most prevalent. Coventry had a rate of 102 crimes per 1,000 residents for the same year.

However, given that other UK cities have greater crime rates, several people have questioned the survey’s sources and their veracity.

For instance, Birmingham had around 137 crimes for per 1,000 residents in 2021.

Chief Superintendent Rob McCoubrey, the district commander for Bradford, brushed off the survey and the fact that Bradford came in the first place.

According to him, West Yorkshire Police do not recognize this data and do not agree how any methodology can provide a reliable comparison between continents, nations, and cities. He said this in an interview with

Bradford is a secure area to visit, live, and work. Of course, there are difficulties in a city with lack and poverty.

“However, in order to effectively address concerns as they arise, we actively collaborate with partner agencies and communities.

“For instance, house burglaries have decreased by 57% and knife crime has decreased by 19% in Bradford during the past three years.

It is disheartening that many of the qualities that make Bradford such a great city are not acknowledged by this study.

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McDonald’s Give Their Response on Claims About Their Burger Size




Some people believe that McDonald’s is the target of a huge conspiracy. When someone compared the sizes of a Filet-O-Fish, a McChicken sandwich, and the beef burgers at the fast food restaurant, rumors started to circulate. The size of their flesh had changed, and many people had noticed this, but not everyone was so ready to draw conclusions.

The Big Statement

In response to the criticism, McDonald’s has now issued a statement assuring customers that nothing has changed. A business spokeswoman stated: “There have been no changes to the size of our burgers. We are committed to offering our customers great quality, great value burgers featuring 100 percent RSPCA approved chicken and 100 percent Aussie beef.”

A Bit of a Difference

While Maccies asserts that the sizes of its products have not altered, Mars cannot make the same claim as it was reported last month that the candy company was shrinking the size of its Twix bars.

Some people may see it different as compared to what McDonald’s has to say, but rest assured, the powerhouse does their best to still serve quality and belly-filling meals. Hopefully soon, the issues may be resolved with not much going on with social media or from the company as well.

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Never Use the Loo for More than Five Minutes, According to Experts




The experts say that if you spend more than five minutes at a time sitting on the toilet, you’re not doing it correctly.

We Need That “Me Time”

According to Topps Tiles research, Brits make between four and seven trips a day and spend an average of around three and a half hours every week using the restroom.

Because Brits spend a lot of time on their phones when using the restroom, five minutes may seem like a long time to be doing your business, especially since not all of them (at least for the guys) involve sitting down.

In defence of the restroom texters, it’s one of the few locations where you can go in complete solitude and you’re not likely to get inquiries about how long you were there.

We all need a little alone time from time to time, and for many individuals, those little moments spent using the restroom are priceless moments of peace in an otherwise hectic day.

What Happens if I Stay Longer?

But as you’re about to discover, experts caution that spending so much time in the bathroom might be harmful to your health because it raises your chance of haemorrhoids.

According to the Mayo Clinic, haemorrhoids, commonly known as piles, can be caused by sitting for a long period on the toilet or by having to exert a lot of effort to force things out.

The science-y part is that prolonged sitting and pressure can increase in the veins near your butt, leading to a variety of health issues.

Fortunately, any side effects should go away with time, though more severe conditions can necessitate an awkward trip to the doctor.

Healthy habits are definitely worth adopting because piles are more likely to occur as you age and are more likely the less activity you get.

Not to get too technical, but a high-fibre diet will need less effort on the toilet. A healthy diet also helps.

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