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28 Aug

Kosmetyki naturalne są niezwykle modne. Kobiety je uwielbiają, dlatego że nie zawierają chemikaliów, a same naturalne składniki. Gdzie można nabyć takie kosmetyki i jakie najlepiej …


28 Aug

Wypicie dobrej herbaty może bardzo dobrze polepszyć humor. Obecnie na rynku jest wiele przeróżnego rodzaju herbat, które bardzo dobrze smakują i rewelacyjnie pachną. Wskazane jest …


27 Aug

Wiele osób przekonało się o tym, że preparaty ziołowe są rzeczywiście cudowne. Mowa oczywiście zarówno o kosmetykach, jak i preparatach leczniczych. W jakim miejscu można …


27 Aug

Mnóstwo kobiet zastanawia się, w jaki sposób zadbać o swoje ciało. Sposobów jest z pewnością niesłychanie wiele, ale najważniejsze, aby stosować ogromnie dobrej jakości kosmetyki. …


27 Aug

Najlepsze kosmetyki to te, które mają naturalne składniki. Takie kosmetyki można wykonać samodzielnie tudzież zakupić je w rozlicznych sklepach. W jakim miejscu dokładnie? Jeśli chcesz …


27 Aug

Kobiety lubią zmieniać kolor włosów. Pomagają w tym różnorodnego rodzaju farby koloryzujące. Niestety częste farbowanie włosów może sprawić, że będą one zniszczone i pozbawione blasku. …


26 Aug

Dolegliwości związane z układem moczowym dokuczają mnóstwu osobom. Czasem trudno znaleźć dobry lek, który załagodzi te wszystkie kłopoty. W ostatnim czasie niezwykle atrakcyjne stały się …


26 Aug

Mnóstwo osób przekonało się o tym, że preparaty ziołowe są faktycznie cudowne. Mowa rzecz jasna zarówno o kosmetykach, jak i preparatach leczniczych. Gdzie można zakupić …


26 Aug

Trend eko jest coraz bardziej popularny. Wiele osób stara się używać kosmetyków naturalnych, spożywać specjalne potrawy i używać innych preparatów, takich jak przykładowo orzechy piorące. …


26 Aug

Mnóstwo kobiet zastanawia się, jak zadbać o swoją cerę. Sposobów jest naturalnie niezmiernie sporo, jednakże najważniejsze, aby stosować ogromnie dobrej jakości kosmetyki. W jakim miejscu …


16 Aug

Jaki kolor włosów jest w tym sezonie najbardziej popularny? Mnóstwo kobiet zadaje sobie to pytanie. Zdecydowaliśmy zatem przeanalizować najświeższe trendy. Jeżeli więc pragniesz dowiedzieć się, …


16 Aug

Najlepsze kosmetyki to te, które mają naturalne składniki. Takie kosmetyki można wykonać we własnym zakresie czy też nabyć je w różnych sklepach. Gdzie dokładnie? Jeżeli …


16 Aug

Kosmetyki naturalne, które stworzone są w oparciu tylko o naturalne składniki, takie jak np. zioła, są coraz bardziej modne. Niesłychanie modne są kosmetyki indyjskie, które …


16 Aug

Kobiety uwielbiają zmieniać kolor włosów. Pomagają w tym rozlicznego rodzaju farby koloryzujące. Niestety częste farbowanie włosów może sprawić, że będą one zniszczone i pozbawione blasku. …


16 Aug

Dokuczliwości związane z układem moczowym dokuczają wielu osobom. Czasem trudno wyszukać dobry lek, który załagodzi te wszystkie problemy. Ostatnio ogromnie modne stały się leki indyjskie, …


14 Aug

Dużo osób przekonało się o tym, że preparaty ziołowe są rzeczywiście rewelacyjne. Mowa rzecz jasna zarówno o kosmetykach, jak i preparatach leczniczych. Gdzie można kupić …


14 Aug

Różnorodne zioła są często wykorzystywane w przeróżnych kosmetykach i preparatach leczniczych. Należy stosować takie preparaty, gdyż są one faktycznie fantastyczne i mają dużo dobroczynnych właściwości. …


14 Aug

Trend eko jest coraz to bardziej popularny. Wiele osób stara się używać kosmetyków naturalnych, spożywać specjalne potrawy i używać innych preparatów, takich jak np. orzechy …


12 Aug

Wakacje to znakomity czas. Mnóstwo osób robi na wczasach wiele zdjęć, by móc później wspominać rozliczne momenty z wczasów. Zaleca się ułożyć te zdjęcia w …



A Child’s On the Way for Harry Potter Star, Daniel Radcliffe




The longtime partner of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, Erin Darke, has announced they are expecting their first child together.

From Wizarding to Diapers

The news of Daniel Radcliffe’s impending fatherhood was revealed by the British actor’s agent on March 26. Radcliffe is best known as the hero of the popular Harry Potter film series.

The 33-year-old, whom we all grew up following his antics in the wild realm of witchcraft and magic, was essentially the face of our childhoods.

The duo has been known to encourage one another in their separate ventures while choosing to maintain a relatively quiet profile about their relationship.

Daniel and Erin later reconnected on the set of the dramedy Don’t Think Twice in 2016, following their collaboration on Kill Your Darlings.

Thus, learning that he is now raising a child on his own is unexpected.

They’ll make good parents

After meeting while filming Kill Your Darlings, a drama/romance movie about the Beat Generation, in 2013, Radcliffe and Darke, both 38, have been dating for almost ten years.

With Darke portraying Gwendolyn, Radcliffe played the moody poet Allen Ginsberg.

What a beautiful meet-cute.

In an interview with Marie Claire from 2015, Radcliffe talked about the moment they both caught one other’s gaze for the first time.

Radcliffe said, “That’s a great record of us flirting for the first time. Nothing is being done—at least not on my end.

He continued by expressing his appreciation for their sincere connection and said, “There’s a point when she makes me laugh, and I’m laughing as me and not as my role.

I knew I was in trouble because she was so hilarious and intelligent.

Ten years later, the adorable pair is about to embark on a brand-new journey.

Radcliffe made it plain that he has been considering fatherhood for some time when he told Newsweek in October of last year, “I want my kids – if and when they exist – I would love for them to be around film sets.”

But, it’s evident the singer wants something a little different for his future child than his famous and successful childhood did when he was just 12-years-old.

He said, “I wouldn’t want celebrity for my baby.” The famous side of film sets is actually what should be avoided at all costs, despite the fact that they are sometimes fantastic locations for youngsters.

According to the Mirror, an actor’s representative confirmed Radcliffe’s good news last night (March 25).

Daniel and Erin could not be happier to be expecting, according to a source close to the pair. They are ecstatic and eager to expand their family to three members.

It’s an immensely exciting time, as they recently informed their relatives and friends.

It is obvious that the news caused elation among all Potterheads and wasn’t just thrilling for the couple.

“Congratulations to them but I feel ancient today,” one Twitter user wrote.

Do we not all?

Another obviously overjoyed admirer added, “Harry Potter’s going to be a dad!!!”

“Daniel Radcliffe is going to be a dad. Why does this feel like the official event that ends my childhood?” a third person chimed in.

Harry, you’re a father!

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Manchester Becomes the First City in the UK to Tax Visitors




The first city in the UK to start charging visitors is Manchester.

Enhancing Visitor Experience

The municipal visitor charge, sometimes known as the tourist tax, intends to earn millions of pounds to be used for “enhancing the visitor experience.”

The decision is in line with those made by European towns like Barcelona and Venice.

Visitors staying at hotels in the city center will be charged £1 per night, per room, starting on April 1.

The new Manchester Accommodation Business Improvement District (ABID), which intends to “promote future growth of the visitor economy” over the next five years, will benefit from the scheme’s anticipated £3 million in annual revenue.

Everything has taxes now

The Manchester Accommodation BID is a groundbreaking new effort led by the city’s hotel and serviced apartment providers to help generate new events and extracurricular activities that will draw more tourists to visit and stay in Manchester and Salford, according to the Manchester ABID website.

Additionally, it will serve to improve the entire guest experience and develop the city’s tourism industry by:

-boosting advertising initiatives that encourage overnight stays;

-arranging large-scale occasions, conferences, and festivals during off-peak times;

-increasing street cleanliness and welcoming guests.

The City Visitor Charge, a supplemental £1 Fee per room/unit per night* for visitors, will be used to pay for the aforementioned events.

On 1 April 2023, all reservations made at establishments that charge for lodging and are located in the Manchester Accommodation BID zone will be subject to the mandatory charge.

The tax, according to ABID head Annie Brown, will help the city and tourists.

She told the Manchester Evening News: “We feel it’s a minor sum relative to other European cities that have taxes and visitor charges in place for a period of years, although [the message it sends] has been considered.

“Manchester has done something that other cities in the UK are looking to implement; I don’t think it’s a fee that’s off-putting.”

She went on: “It’s well known that we have a rising number of hotels opening, so it’s critical that we maintain our growth and position ourselves as a destination.

“There are several strategies to accomplish this, but the two most effective ones revolve around holding city events during “shoulder periods,” or slower times of the year, and luring major events to the area.

We are aware that we are competing against other major cities not just in the UK but all around the world, whether it be for major athletic, musical, or conference events.

Even though Annie is originally from Australia, it is evident that Manchester has captured her heart, and she welcomes tourists to come and experience for themselves.

In the end, she remarked, “I feel so passionately about Manchester, even though I’m not from Manchester, what greater thing is there to be involved in – presenting Manchester to the world.

Because it’s such an exciting, dynamic, and active city that’s wonderful from a professional and leisure viewpoint, it’s my favorite place I’ve worked in in the UK.

There has never been a better moment to visit Manchester because there are so many options available on every level.

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This Summer, The Biggest Indoor Harry Potter Attraction in the World will Debut




Fans of the wizarding world franchise who are seeking for the next big thrill will be thrilled to learn that the world’s largest indoor Harry Potter-themed attraction is about to open.

The land of the Potterheads

Warner Bros. The date of the Warner has been revealed by Discovery. Bros. The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo will debut in Japan.

Billed as the world’s largest indoor Harry Potter attraction, it is slated to open its doors this summer, on Friday June 16. On March 22, tickets will go on sale. It is also expected to be the first Warner Bros. Asia Studio Tour.

The attraction will be situated where the Toshimaen amusement park in Nerima, Tokyo, which closed in August 2020, once stood. It will offer unique sets and experiences.

With realistic sets, costumes, and props, a chance to explore the worlds of Diagon Alley and Platform 9 34, as well as exclusive sets not present at any other Warner Bros. attractions, the attraction will provide the customary enchantment and fantasy visitors have come to anticipate from Harry Potter. website studios.

The attraction will also include significant elements and sizable movie sets from the Fantastic Beasts series, so it’s not just the Harry Potter books and movie sets that will be on exhibit.

Filmmakers who worked on the first Harry Potter movie series expressly commissioned and made several of the movie sets for the new attraction even though they weren’t technically used in the movies.

Get your wands on!

Beginning on June 16, Tokyo, Japan will offer a fresh opportunity to explore the wizarding and magical worlds. This won’t be the first Warner Bros. The largest indoor Harry Potter attraction in the world, Studio Tour, will debut in Asia.

The new attraction will also have interactive experiences, such as green screen exhibits that let visitors act out important movie events, for Harry Potter fans who want to feel like they’re “in” the movies. One memorable experience will be the chance to board the Hogwarts Express, a must-do for diehard Potterheads.

Those who are eager to attend will need to act quickly, as tickets for the opening event go on sale via the official website on March 22.

Only tickets purchased in advance will be able to enter the enormous new universe, with prices ranging from 3,800 (£23.68) for youngsters under the age of four to 5,200 (£32.40) for those between the ages of 12 and 17. Tickets for enthusiastic adults cost 6,300 (£39.25).

Despite the first Harry Potter book and movie being published in 1997 and 2001, respectively, the world established by author J.K. Rowling has persisted in captivating and enchanting readers all over the world. Devoted American viewers even went so far as to recast the entire movie with Americans rather than the currently well-known stars.

The intelligent fans recast every character from the first movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and made it an entirely American version through a series of votes.

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