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Woman Claims That Her Lover Foots the Bill Since She’s “An Investment”



After referring to her as an “investment,” a woman from London has claimed that her boyfriend pays for everything in their relationship. Following is further information about the couple’s odd financial arrangement:

The dude’s got some Money

Hannah Chan, 27, claims she defers all of the rent, bills, and vacation costs to her boyfriend Ed Reay, 22.

Hannah came to the conclusion that she wanted a partner who could take the initiative and care for her after several bad dates.

She realized that, as a career-driven woman, what she wanted was a relationship with someone who could “dominate” and “provide” for her.

Ed Reay, a Canadian company owner, first contacted Hannah in May 2021, and the two eventually met in July 2021.

Ed arrived by plane from Vancouver, and the two hit it up so well that in September 2021 he moved to London.

Ed began to assume more financial responsibility as the couple got closer and now pays all the expenses.

According to the business guru, Hannah ‘gives value back’ by caring for the house and making him feel calm and supported in addition to treating him to smoothies and doing the chores.

Hannah remarked: “I began to understand that I didn’t want to be the dominating person in a relationship; instead, I wanted a partner who could take care of me.

Prior to realizing that I didn’t want it, I used to consider my company’s success and income as a measure of my value in relationships.

She went on: “He told me he wanted to take care of me after meeting Ed.

We have a 100/100 relationship in which I offer him my whole support, love, and attention in exchange for his financial assistance as well as small gestures like bringing him a smoothie after a trying day.

“There is no right or wrong when it comes to dating; what matters most is that you and your partner have values that are compatible with what you seek in a relationship.”

Hannah claimed that she quickly realized Ed wanted to be the one to take care of the family.

The desire for him to be a provider “naturally came up,” she said.

So, that was ideal.

Hannah takes care of running the house so her boyfriend doesn’t have to worry about it.

Ed doesn’t appreciate money the most; he values being supported and cared for, the woman said, adding that she would organize the cleaner, prepare meals, and shop for groceries.

He views me as an investment because I have helped him, which has increased his income by three times.

Ed stated that having the obligation of providing for his family gives him a feeling of responsibility and gives his life purpose.

“I enjoy spoiling someone I care about, but you don’t need a lot of money to accomplish it.

“In our relationship, I believe the lady should make the home, and the man should furnish the house.”

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Trailer for John Wick’s Open World Game has Dropped and Amazes Fans



It was recently made public that Lionsgate, the studio that makes the John Wick movies, is “fielding proposals” for a prospective AAA John Wick game. It’s about time, and we believe that everyone can’t wait to see what a John Wick game would look and feel like.

Some Interesting Plans

According to Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer, who stated: “We certainly are interested in moving that forward, but I don’t want to say anything more about that at this time.” So, it’s not exactly nailed down and definitely happening, but fingers crossed that sometime soon it could become reality.”

Huge Efforts

TeaserPlay, a YouTube creator, has a surprise for all of us. They’ve made a concept trailer for an open-world John Wick action game using Unreal Engine 5, and it looks amazing.

Make sure you check out the trailer of it right here!

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Tons of Fans Express Interest in a Def Jam Revival



A popular EA series that blended fighting and hip hop has been inactive for some time. Def Jam: Icon, the company’s last real fighting game, was released in 2007, but fans have been wishing for a revival ever since.

What They Can Do

In order to show EA how much support there is for a new installment on contemporary systems, these same devoted fans have now made the decision to take matters into their own hands and start a petition. It’s been going very well so far.

Growing Strength

Over 8500 people have signed the petition to see a new Def Jam game on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which was started by YouTube creator RAH GAMING. Many have also left comments expressing how much they would value the series’ return.

Ice-T also joined the Def Jam comeback earlier this year when he requested a Fight for New York revival on Twitter, predicting that it “would be a huge hit all over again.” He played a role in the game too, so knowing that he’d likely be open to developing a new installment if the chance presented itself is pretty reassuring.

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Yet Another Mobile Game is in the Works for Bethesda



Bethesda, the company behind Starfield and many iconic games, is now developing a new mobile game, however it’s not clear which of its well-known titles it will be based on.

A Huge Announcement

Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda and director of Starfield, disclosed that the company is creating another mobile game on the most recent episode of Lex Fridman’s podcast.

Something New

Howard was frank while discussing the conceptual differences between creating a game for a console and one for a mobile device: “Well we’ve done a few things, and we have a new mobile game that we’re working on that we haven’t announced yet that I am in love with.”

He made no other hints as to the game’s genre, release date, or other details, but he did suggest that it will be a longer experience rather than a game meant to be played in spurts.

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