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When Gillian Jacobs Recognize Someone’s Voice That Will Shortz Doesn’t Like



Do you sometimes get that strange feeling that when you know someone’s voice when it just suddenly pops out of nowhere? This can lead to a bunch of surprises, both good and bad but there are times that it could just make someone’s day. Check out which kind of surprise was in store for this panel member on To Tell the Truth and how it easily made her day.

Being on To Tell the Truth is huge enough and can also be quite challenging. Most times the question and scenarios are so challenging that it can trick panel members into giving wrong guesses. Most often than not, they lead to pleasant surprises and can easily make for great entertainment.


Like in the show, the people posed in front of panel member would have to swear to tell the truth or follow fabricated lies in order to fool the show’s panel members. In this part of the show however, both the gentlemen in the picture have been up to the challenge of playing out their roles well. To complete the ensemble, both of them are also dressed appropriately as an editor, to which the guests are trying to figure out which one it is. I guess it would be better to fool someone completely if you got the whole act correct.


Panel member: Gillian Jacobs gives off this expression as she is quite confident in who she thinks is the editor among the remaining contestants in front of her. Although the contestants would go home with cash money in their pockets, this is one experience that could last a lifetime. Giving out more than an educated guess, Gillian Jacobs would then give remarks and explain how she knows who the real editor was at the ends of the round.


An overjoyed Gillian Jacobs rushes over to hug the real editor between the two: a Mr. Will Shortz. She then explains how she remembers Will from her younger years. It turns out that she recognizes him very well since she was younger. Gillian Jacobs would attempt the Saturday crosswords every week and admitted that she would fail them time and time again. She then tells everyone that she has watched a documentary about Will Shortz and even added a great fact about him and his love for Ping-Pong. From the documentary itself, she must have recognized voice and remembered quite easily throughout the show and round. A memory can do so much for someone but that feeling of remembering one’s voice and hearing it again is simply one of the best feelings and can easily make someone’s day. Just like for Ms. Gillian Jacobs and Mr. Will Shortz.

Watch the entire video here below:

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After Latest Black Panther Movie Release, “Flights to Wakanda” Have Been Across Google Searches



We all believe traveling to Wakanda would be amazing. Wakanda appears to be an awesome experience, but the chances of going there are the same as those of going to Asgard, which means that these places don’t actually exist. Despite this, over a thousand individuals have searched for “Flights to Wakanda” on Google in the month since the movie’s release.

Surprising Numbers

Luke Cope, a Twitter user, brought attention to this fact by sharing a graph illustrating the rise in Google searches in November 2022. Perhaps more concerning is the fact that travelers have been looking for flights to Wakanda continuously throughout the year.

What Else Happened

But if Wakanda were genuine, I’m sure the tourism bureau would be overjoyed with the response. Some Wakanda fans may be unhappy to learn that the country is fictitious, while others have been let down by some of the film’s more intriguing scenes.

Be sure you check out the insane stats of Luke Cope right here!

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David Beckham Expresses Interest in Buying Manchester United



It’s not as unlikely as you may think to imagine David Beckham as the owner of Manchester United. The Old Trafford club is available for sale thanks to the Glazer family, and the former footballer is willing to haggle over the asking price.

A Smart Investment

Beckham reportedly stated that he is willing to speaking with any prospective purchasers of Manchester United, according to reports in the English press. The former footballer might lead an investment group to purchase the club even if he lacks the funds to buy one of the Premier League’s biggest clubs alone.

Planning Ahead

According to The Times, Beckham would like to rejoin the organization in a managerial position. The Glazers may be amenable to the idea because of Beckham’s sentimental attachment to United and the continued love of the club’s supporters.

Several investors reportedly approached Beckham in the past, but no further action was taken, according to The Times. Now that the Glazers have formally announced that the club is for sale, the former England captain is reportedly eager to put together a concrete bid this time.

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Microsoft Is Resurrecting Its Iconic Xbox 360 Controller




The manufacturer of video gaming peripherals, Hyperkin, has formally announced today that it is bringing back the venerable controller to mark the 17th anniversary of the launch of the Xbox 360.

The real OG

The Hyperkin Xenon is an officially licensed wired gaming controller that, as mentioned in a press release, is a reproduction of the legendary controller that served as the main gamepad for Microsoft’s second home gaming console.

The gadget bears the name of the codename given to the Xbox 360 before its formal debut at E3 2005.

The Xbox Series X/S and Windows 10 and 11 devices, as well as the Xenon, are all compatible. The Hyperkin Xenon is an Xbox 360 controller that has been slightly upgraded, as you can see from the photographs below.

The dedicated Menu, View, and Share buttons that are frequently found on the most recent Xbox Series X/S controllers are the most noticeable additions.

There will be four color options for the Hyperkin Xenon: black, white, pink, and red. Sadly, neither a price nor a release date have been disclosed yet. The Xenon controller, however, is anticipated to be made available by Hyperkin sometime early in 2019.

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