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PlayStation Fans are Astounded by a Secret Detail on the PS2 Boot Screen



Every now and then, a random bit of trivia makes the rounds online once more, and we get to witness a fresh round of individuals expressing their sincere astonishment as they learn something new.

The Small Details Count

The PlayStation 2 is a superb console full of amusing little hidden features that not everyone is aware of. Some have a lot of history. some less so.

The fact that each person’s version of the PlayStation 2’s iconic startup screen is somewhat different is one of my personal favorite PlayStation 2 facts. This is due to the fact that the blocks on that screen represent the various games that are saved on your memory card, with the height of each block reflecting how frequently you’ve started up each game.

You might already be aware of this, in which case I’m happy for you! However, judging by the recent response to @KirbyCheatFurby’s trending tweet describing the Easter egg, a shocking number of people are still unaware that this is a thing.

In a follow-up tweet, they say, “Okay so 10k+ people didn’t know this, so I definitely don’t feel dumb for not knowing this sooner.” I genuinely felt this was fantastic and wanted to tell everyone who wasn’t already aware of it.

Thousands of PlayStation enthusiasts, both young and old, have expressed amazement at this hidden function, despite the fact that many gamers are, of course, already very aware of this information. Others have correctly noted how fantastic it was to watch this when a machine booted up and that Sony should definitely bring it back for PlayStation 5.

The small details definitely count.


Announcement for Counter-Strike 2 Comes Out of Nowhere



The official announcement for Counter-Strike 2 just dropped, and it has gamers stunned. A limited test for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), which Valve describes as a “overhaul to every system, every piece of content, and every part of the C-S experience,” is beginning today, according to a tweet from the company. The game’s website calls it “the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike’s history” Strike’s and promises years of updates, features, and amazing gameplay.

Something New That We Love

Based on Valve’s Source 2 engine, CS2 features updates to some of the game’s core mechanics, such as improved smoke grenades and “sub-tick updates,” which let “servers know the exact instant that motion starts, a shot is fired, or a ‘nade is thrown,” according to Valve. In a video titled “Leveling Up The World,” Valve says that while maps will change in CS2, skilled players’ abilities should carry over. The three “tiers” of gaming maps are another topic covered by the organization. Certain “touchstone” levels, like Dust II, have slight visual changes but otherwise remain unchanged. These levels should allow players to acquire a sense of the new gameplay in a recognizable environment.

A Couple of Updates

There are other maps that have been improved or reworked, either by adding Source 2 features or by completely rebuilding them. A specific bind may also be used to take the silencer off your rifle, according to a tweet. People will be chosen to participate in the “limited test” based on criteria like “recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, and Steam account standing,” the firm says. If you’re chosen, you’ll receive a notification in the CS:GO main menu that will allow you to enroll.

Users are permitted to stream their experience and publish recordings of it, so even those of us who can’t play the game should get a nice look at the upgraded smoke and lighting effects. You can only now play the restricted test in Deathmatch and “unranked competitive matchmaking” modes on the renowned Dust II map from Counter-Strike, though Valve promises that additional modes and maps will be included in later test releases. The limited test is also only available on Windows for now, and the FAQ makes zero mentions of Valve’s Steam Deck handheld.

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Six Researchers Ingested Lego Heads to Time How Long It Takes for Them to Pass It Out




Six researchers ingested the heads of Lego figures to measure the time it takes for them to pass unconscious. To be honest, I’m just pleased that science is now prepared to address the major issues.

The building blocks of the future

Lego is a brand of plastic building toys created by The Lego Group, a privately held business with headquarters in Billund, Denmark.

The company’s signature product, Lego, is made up of plastic interlocking bricks in a variety of colors that come with a variety of gears, minifigure figurines, and other pieces.

Buildings, vehicles, and functional robots can all be created using various combinations of Lego components. Anything built may be disassembled once more and the components utilised to create new things.

The interlocking toy bricks have been produced by the Lego Group since 1949. Under the brand, eight Legoland amusement parks as well as movies and gaming tournaments have been created. 600 billion Lego pieces has been created as of July 2015.

All for science!

Well, despite the fact that it may sound absurd, paediatric medical professionals did intentionally consume the little Lego heads for a research titled Everything is Awesome: Don’t Forget the Lego.

There must not be a chance that you will forget it while you wait for it to return in the toilet bowl, right?

The extremely severe and crucial study used two scoring systems: Finding and Retrieved Time (FART) and Stool Hardness and Transit (SHAT), all of which are acronyms for the same thing.

They were referred to as that, in full honesty. The SHAT score was actually divided into two parts: the pre-SHAT score, which recorded the researchers’ regular bowel movements, and the post-SHAT score, which was recorded after the Lego head was ingested. Afterwards, information was acquired by comparing the pre and post SHAT results.

The FART score, on the other hand, was a little more depressing – if you can imagine – and required the participants to search through their feces for a tiny yellow head in the days after ingestion.

The study did have a serious goal, despite the fact that it may have seemed like a joke at first and was probably difficult for the researchers to explain to their loved ones.

Children love to eat things that aren’t meant to be eaten, as any parent of a young child can confirm, often with very severe consequences.

Ingesting Lego by mistake or on purpose normally has no negative effects, but in order to ease parents’ concerns, our brave researchers set out to determine how long it takes for a Lego head to pass through a human digestive system.

What then did our brave scientists learn?

The study’s FART score averaged 1.71 days, which means that the Lego head frequently emerged from the body in less than two days.

The scientists concluded their study by writing: “A toy object swiftly passes through adult individuals without difficulties. The authors argue that no parent should be required to search through their child’s feces to confirm object retrieval. This will reassure parents

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Team Rocket Disband in the Pokémon Anime



Without Ash and Pikachu to blast them away, we assume it wouldn’t make sense for Team Rocket to continue moving forward. But for devoted followers, Team Rocket’s Pokémon farewell makes the loss of an era much more palpable. Pokémon is wrapping up its three most recognizable villains in popular culture, Jessie, James, and Meowth, as it gears up for the last episodes featuring Ash as the main character. And to make matters worse, Team Rocket appears to have been permanently dissolved by the anime.

After So Long

Friends, Pokémon, and enemies come to say goodbye to Ash in Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series. Team Rocket had to participate in the farewell, of course. After all, they have been attempting to capture Pikachu for 25 years. Team Rocket made one more attempt to grab Pikachu from Ash in what appeared to be their final episode, and they took many of their former Pokémon with them to the battle. Though some were quick to see that not everyone was included.

The Lovable Villains

Clearly, despite having 25 years of experience, they were unsuccessful. For what appeared to be the last time, Team Rocket had blasted off of Pokémon. Yet in a startling turn of events, the trio decides it’s time to split ways. We weren’t expecting them to pursue Pikachu until the sun went down, but maybe we were at one point. It’s definitely sad to think that Team Rocket has split apart. And ideally they reconnect in the show’s final few episodes, even if it’s just in a quick montage.

There is little doubt that Pokémon is being brutally honest with its devotees. The show is aware that the conclusion must be significant, which includes all of the emotions. But, Team Rocket’s retirement raises concerns about the future as well. The three main villains might have been a wonderful bridge between chapters of Pokémon. Yet, it appears that a whole new threat will be faced by Liko and Roy. In addition, whoever the next Pokémon villain is is going to have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to live up to Team Rocket. Let’s hope the future of the Pokémon anime shines bright just as it has always been,

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