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After receiving numerous requests for assistance, a lottery winner regrets winning the jackpot.



Many of us have fantasized about winning the lottery and considered all the different ways we might use the sum of money.

The Fantasy of Winning the Lottery

However, one man who acquired the winning ticket does not feel quite as fortunate. In fact, he has expressed regret at winning the big sum.

Anoop, an auto driver from Kerala in India, won 250 million rupees ($3 million/£2.8 million) earlier this month in a state government lottery. After taxes, this amounts to 150 million rupees ($1.8 million/£1.7 million).

Since the revelation, however, he has received a deluge of requests for financial assistance and has had to ask the public to stop pestering him and his family.

Additionally, he claimed that he is no longer able to enjoy his life at home.

He admitted to the India Times that he had lost all sense of tranquility and couldn’t even live in his own house since he was constantly receiving calls from people asking him to take care of their varied requirements now that he had won first place.

“Now that I’ve lost the peace of mind I had before winning the award, I keep moving around to different places to stay.

I, like most people, truly liked my winning for a day or two with all the press, but now I sincerely feel I should not have won it.

“But now this has become a menace and I can’t even go outside where I stay. People are after me seeking help from me.”

The award was the biggest ever offered in the state for a lottery when Anoop purchased his ticket on September 17, the day before the draw. At first, he was overjoyed to have won.

This is the Downside

He had initially stated that he intended to pursue his aspirations of becoming a chef and starting his own restaurant, but he soon changed his mind.

In a video posted on Facebook Live, he expressed sorrow over winning and expressed a desire to have received the third reward.

He said in the video: “I regret winning. The third-place award might have been superior.

Anoop is reportedly considering moving back home in order to avoid the media attention it has garnered.

In his video, he stated: “I was ecstatic to win. We were pleased that there were people and cameras at the house.

But before long, everything spiraled out of control.

“I am unable to leave the house or travel anywhere. I’m unable to take my sick child to the doctor, Anoop stated.

Anoop, who has been staying with family to try to avoid the spotlight. “All I can say to everyone is that I don’t have any money yet,” he continued. No matter how often I explain my issue, no one ever seems to get it.

Anoop promised to pay off his debts, build a home for his family, and engage in charitable activities in addition to receiving his earnings.

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Tons of Fans Express Interest in a Def Jam Revival



A popular EA series that blended fighting and hip hop has been inactive for some time. Def Jam: Icon, the company’s last real fighting game, was released in 2007, but fans have been wishing for a revival ever since.

What They Can Do

In order to show EA how much support there is for a new installment on contemporary systems, these same devoted fans have now made the decision to take matters into their own hands and start a petition. It’s been going very well so far.

Growing Strength

Over 8500 people have signed the petition to see a new Def Jam game on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which was started by YouTube creator RAH GAMING. Many have also left comments expressing how much they would value the series’ return.

Ice-T also joined the Def Jam comeback earlier this year when he requested a Fight for New York revival on Twitter, predicting that it “would be a huge hit all over again.” He played a role in the game too, so knowing that he’d likely be open to developing a new installment if the chance presented itself is pretty reassuring.

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Yet Another Mobile Game is in the Works for Bethesda



Bethesda, the company behind Starfield and many iconic games, is now developing a new mobile game, however it’s not clear which of its well-known titles it will be based on.

A Huge Announcement

Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda and director of Starfield, disclosed that the company is creating another mobile game on the most recent episode of Lex Fridman’s podcast.

Something New

Howard was frank while discussing the conceptual differences between creating a game for a console and one for a mobile device: “Well we’ve done a few things, and we have a new mobile game that we’re working on that we haven’t announced yet that I am in love with.”

He made no other hints as to the game’s genre, release date, or other details, but he did suggest that it will be a longer experience rather than a game meant to be played in spurts.

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Wednesday Takes Over Record That Stranger Things 4 Used to Hold



Wednesday on Netflix debuted with a bang. With 341.2 million hours seen after its Nov. 23 premiere, the fantasy series starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams is at the top of the Netflix Top 10 TV ranking for the week of Nov. 21 to 27.

Getting to the Top

In terms of the number of hours seen in a week for an English-language TV series on Netflix, “Wednesday” has broken the previous record. Season 4 of “Stranger Things” held the record with 335.01 million hours watched.

News by the Numbers

Data from Netflix indicates that more than 50 million households have watched the show since it debuted, making it the English-language TV series on Netflix with the most hours seen in a week.

The program has also surpassed Stranger Things’ previous record by being #1 in 83 nations. Other recent programs, like the Jeffrey Dahmer true crime series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story back in late September, have gone close to breaking Stranger Things’ record.

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