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pranie dywanów poznań



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Doskonałym dodatkiem na podłogi są dywany. Nie tylko w domach, ale również oraz w biurach, urzędach czy też odmiennych tego rodzaju punktach, gdzie przebywają oraz funkcjonują mieszkańcy. Dywany dodają nie tylko prestiżu, ale są również ładne oraz efektywne. Podłogi nie wyglądają tak samotnie, kiedy znajdują się na nich dywany. Od czasu do czasu jednak trzeba zadbać o to, co znajduje się na podłodze. Pranie dywanów poznań powinno być dokonane wtedy, gdy dywan nie jest już tak estetyczny, jak w trakcie kupna. Zrozumiałą rzeczą jest to, że po kilku latach dywan traci blask, a normalne odkurzanie go nie wyczyści. Wówczas trzeba podjąć bardziej radykalne środki, ażeby taką podłogową dekorację wyczyścić. Są odkurzacze do prania dywanów. Są one jednakże bardzo kosztowne i nie są poręczne. Skutkiem tego nie każda gospodyni domowa się wyposaża w taki ekwipunek. Poprawniej jest oddać dywany do pralni, która za znikomą opłatą zajmie się dywanem oraz wyczyści go, a równolegle przywróci mu jego dotychczasową świetność i blask. Na to liczą klienci pralni, którzy pragną wyczyścić dywany bądź inne wykładziny, które pozostały poplamione bądź wymagają gruntownego odświeżenia.


Rumors of Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa Dating Recently Surface



After being photographed holding one other’s hands and sharing kisses and hugs on a romantic date night in New York City on Wednesday, Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah ignited a ton of dating speculations.

Where It Happened

The 38-year-old anchor of The Daily Show and the 27-year-old pop diva were spotted having a quiet and personal supper together at Miss Lily’s in the East Village.

A Big Maybe

The new relationship develops as Trevor prepares to leave The Daily Show after seven years in charge, a period in which the late-night informational program’s audience drastically decreased.

When performing, Dua is renowned for wearing provocative and vibrant outfits, but when she was out with Trevor, she drastically changed her appearance to be more casual-chic. 

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Alan Rickman’s Diary Reveals Criticism of Emma Watson



If the remarks Alan Rickman made about Emma Watson’s performance in his soon-to-be-published personal diaries are any indication, he was capable of the kind of harsh insults that Harry Potter character Severus Snape would be proud of.

Backstage Talk

The late actor admitted that he had pondered leaving the Potter series with his agency because he had been so uncomfortable filming on some of the movies. He struggled with everything on the Hogwarts set, from his working hours to his coworkers, and had significant issues.

The Direction

The recently discovered journals claim that Alan struggled particularly with Emma Watson, who naturally played Hermione Granger in the movies. “These kids need directing. They don’t know their lines and Emma [Watson]’s diction is this side of Albania at times.” Alan wrote about the kids he performed scenes with.

As Harry, Hermione, and Ron find themselves sparring with their teacher more than ever, Alan had to spend more time in this film with his younger co-stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson.

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Hacker from “Grand Theft Auto 6” Appearing in Court Pleads “Not Guilty”




The youngster who broke into Rockstar Games and leaked the Grand Theft Auto VI early gameplay video has been in court and has opted to enter a “not guilty” plea to the accusations.

Not Guilty? Really?

According to the Bloomberg article, the 17-year-old from Oxfordshire, England, was already in violation of his release terms and had gotten himself into trouble with two counts of internet abuse.

That was before the ransom hacks on Microsoft and Uber, which have reportedly been linked to the teen’s mischief, and before he allegedly targeted Rockstar Games’ systems and enabled the circulation of catastrophic amounts of previously undisclosed Grand Theft Auto VI data.

It’s crucial to remember that the authorities have not formally named this person as the perpetrator of all of these cyber sieges.

In addition, it’s believed that the hacker is a member of the collective Lapsus$. Over the period of 2021 and 2022, the cybercrime gang seriously harmed a number of organizations, including Nvidia, Samsung, Ubisoft, and others.

According to Brett Callow, a threat analyst at the antivirus firm Emsisoft, “Lapsus$ definitely aren’t wreaking as much havoc as other actors with various incentives could, and I think that’s the answer – they aren’t fully motivated by money,” said in an interview with Wired.

Therefore, they attempt things that cybercriminals with only financial motivations wouldn’t. The trial will proceed at a later date after the judge sent the matter to a higher court. “They are more inclined to be adventurous and to try things – that may not have a payoff – just for the joy of it,” which checks the box for the motivation for an attack on Grand Theft Auto VI.

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