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Novak Djokovic’s Visa Cancelled A Second Time Just Before the Australian Open



Regarding recent news about the athlete’s visa being cancelled, his visa was again cancelled for the second time. Australia’s immigration minister: Alex Hawke had made the decision considering all information given to him at the time and made sure that this would be swiftly prompted.

Not Again

When Djokovic arrived in Melbourne last week, he was stopped and questioned for hours by Australian Border Force agents.

They would then cancel his visa after concluding that he had sufficient evidence to justify a medical exemption from vaccination against Covid-19.

Second Time Around

Novak’s legal team contended that he had complied with all of Tennis Australia’s and the Victorian government’s requests in order to compete in the Grand Slam in Australia.

Judge Kelly overturned his visa cancellation when a federal court ruled in his favor. He was finally allowed to leave his quarantine accommodation and begin his preparations for the Australian Open. However, after testing positive for Covid-19 last year, Djokovic admitted on January 12 that he had broken the regulations.

Be sure to check out this video here on what else went down with the athlete’s second visa cancellation.

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Top SEO Companies in the World Today




A lot of businesses are booming and that would mean tons of opportunities could be knocking on our doors. Some people out there have answered it and have now skyrocketed to the top and are making a great living and even helping out some along the way. With that, SEO has been rapidly growing and its success, keeps on getting better. Check out some of the top SEO companies today.


Digital Marketing, Technology, Notebook, Stats

Directive Consulting, based in Irvine, California, is a performance marketing firm. The team of approximately 75 individuals, which was founded in 2014, specializes in SEO, Paid Media, Revenue Operations, Performance Creative, and GTM Strategy.


Interface, Internet, Program, Browser, Www, Graphic

WebFX is a result-driven digital marketing business that helps companies generate more sales, phone calls, and qualified leads. They have over 250 digital marketing, designs, and development experts who service consumers through site design, PPC,  SEO and many more. They were founded in 1996 and are located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


Internet, Social Media, Network, Blog, Side, Seo

SmartSites is a complete digital firm based in Paramus, New Jersey. The company was founded in 2011 and employs approximately 100 writers, designers, marketers, problem solvers, and developers who work tirelessly to make websites successful. SmartSites provides innovative ways for clients to advise, plan, advertise and even design their corresponding websites.

These are but some of the top SEO companies in the world and they are now making a lot of profit and also providing new opportunities. The SEO world has done so much and perhaps can do a lot of us way better when the time comes.

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Graphics Cards from Truck Heist in California Reappear in Vietnam




In what would seem like a video game mission from the past, the graphics cards that were stolen in a truck heist back in California has magically made its way to retailers in Vietnam and has caused a lot of mixed feedback all over the internet.

One Cool Trick

A shipment of GeForce graphics cards was stolen from a truck in California in November, according to sources. Each card, which was made up of GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs, had a value ranging from $370 to $2,000.

New Products

Gpu, Component, Videocard

The graphics cards then suddenly appeared in a retail store way over in Vietnam. According to several Reddit posts, the retailer employee claims they were also victims because they allegedly purchased the cargo from another provider without realizing it actually contained stolen products. More news shall soon arrive once authorities recover the stolen cards and find the culprit of all.

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LAPD Police Officers Fired After Refusing to Catch Robbers, Catches Snorlax Instead




You heard that right, police officers from the LAPD were fired after they ignored orders coming a department captain to assist in a nearby robbery. Reports have shown that the officers were then caught on their phones playing Pokémon Go and going for Snorlax and Togetic.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Bodyworn, Body Camera, Police Body Camera

On April 15, 2017, former LAPD officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were on foot beat patrol when a robbery at the Macy’s in Crenshaw Mall occurred. A department captain had issued in orders for any nearby units to assist in the situation and needless to say, the two blatantly ignored those calls but preferred to help each other in the popular game Pokémon Go.

A Snorlax Blocks the Way!

The sleeping Snorlax | Pokémon Amino

Wondering why the two failed to respond to the calls, investigations led to checking recordings where they confirmed that the two were in fact aiming to get both Snorlax and Togetic. These two Pokémon happened to be nearby the crime scene and thus confirming that the two chose to ignore orders and calls for help. The two went on about more of the game throughout the recording and were caught lying about their whereabouts and what happened with the whole situation.

Check out this video here to find out more details and how it all went down after they caught their Pokémon and their firings.

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